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This will put you into a prosperity mindset and will really explode your business. The last downfall of new home business owners is underdeveloped skills. The fact that people at the top of a multi-level marketing (MLM) network make the most is in no way indicative of insignificant income at lower levels

Can you tell me more about it? You: Well, let’s get together and discuss about it more (Date and time)? You say: OK, great. You: Have a good day. But through the years, multi level network marketing has been attacked because the concept that they use is easily imitated by unscrupulous people as a pyramid scheme wherein they trick people by making them pay to join the company and it turn these people will recruit others and get paid for it without any products to sell. You: Well (Prospect name)

Go see your family and friends NOW. Make more appointments NOW. Learning to create positive and motivating thought patterns will propel you forward and allow you to create your idea of success, with most people it is usually financial freedom and abundance. The key is to never give up! I am going to give you 6 key elements to your success. Ramp it up! And quicken the pace of your actions

Find your desired target market, meaning these are the people looking for the opportunity not looking to be pulled into a business. Keep in mind that you are not trying to sell them. Use a recorded webinar or teleseminar to do this

A very simple concept and unique product distribution system. Understand your downline is going to do what you do. Help them sponsor their first two people by doing 3-way calls with their prospects

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