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Angel’s Awesome Books is a top augmented reality children’s book publishing company. Their voice-recorded children’s books are equipped with sound effects and animation that develop children in a fun and creative way. They announced the release of their “Alphabet Book” with augmented reality. The Alphabet Book is designed to provide children with a learning experience that is exciting and engaging.

” We recognized that our Angel’s Awesome Alphabet Book was unique, but we never anticipated the kind of reaction we got from our readers. Our Alphabet Book has earned rave reviews from father and mothers, schoolteachers, and a course the kids,” said Angelique Marshall, author of the Alphabet Book. “Our Alphabet Book helps youngsters with developmental hurdles, including autism, and speech delays, by presenting alphabet letters in an engaging format.”

The characters on each page of the Alphabet book are animated by means of our AR App. The characters pronounce each letter clearly, alonged with various sound effects giving each page a totally different, exceptional experience. Along with learning the alphabet, children can practice their reading and writing skills on the blanket pages in the back of the book.

About Angels-AwesomeBooks. com: Our undertaking aims to create an exceptional storybook that brings the alphabet letters to life for young readers. Our book will teach youngsters the alphabet with easy, easy-to-understand stories, with bright pictures of each letter. Making use of augmented reality technology to bring sound effects and narration to each letter, this book will ignite the imagination of young readers.

FAQ About Augmented Reality Books for Children

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technological innovation that superimposes digital information over the physical world. It is an emerging field that has been growing rapidly since its arrival in the 1990s. AR is used to develop a more interactive experience by joining the real world with computerized information. This modern technology allows users to see electronic content superimposed over their surroundings. For instance, a user possibly looking at a building and see a digital map of the building’s floor plan. Augmented reality also delivers new options for education, amusement, promotion and marketing, design, video gaming, medicine and healthcare, etc.

What are AR Books?

AR books are a brand-new form of storytelling. They are interactive and enable readers to experience the story as if they were there. These books are made possible by the use of augmented reality (AR) technology. This technological innovation allows users to see the book’s content superimposed over their real-world environment.

What is the Augmented Reality App about?

The education and learning process should be all about imagination & interaction. The ar app allows children to engage with their preferred characters from the book by touching on each letter in turn. This interactive experience helps cultivate fine motor skills in addition to language development.

What are the benefits of AR Books?

Our AR book will provide them with the excitement that they need while learning. The allows mothers and fathers or caregivers to pick from different characters on each page in the storybook. The character will then interact with the reader with voice and sound as they turn the page. This interactive experience helps children develop language skills while learning about the alphabet. Little ones also get an option to practice reading through the use of this entertaining game-like feature.

Angel’s Awesome Book has been designed primarily for young readers ages 2 – 5 years old and toddlers with learning disabilities.

What is Alphabet Book with Augmented Reality (AR)?

Teaching the abcs to children has been a battle for many fathers and mothers for years. Until now! The Alphabet Book with AR makes it possible for your small child to see letters in real-time as they are spoken aloud by an animated character. This helps them understand how each letter sounds and makes remembering what they hear and see easier.

The Alphabet Book with AR uses the power of augmented reality technology that overlaps sound and voice-over still images.

What Makes An Alphabet Book With Augmented Reality (AR) Special?

The ABC Books with (AR) are developed to be used as an educational tool for all ages. The letters of the alphabet come alive when you touch them on your iphone or tablet screen. You will hear sounds from each letter which helps children to understand how these letters make up words. It’s like having a real-life friend who teaches you about alphabets!

How to download and make use of Angel’s Awesome Alphabet Reality app?

To begin using our Alphabet Book with Augmented Reality, open the iTunes Store app on your smart device and search for “Angel’s AR Book.” Once downloaded and installed, launch the application, follow the instructions given within the app and start your child’s interactive book adventure.

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