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Introduction to New Bridge Educational Consulting: Guiding Students in the College Application Process

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Applying to college can be a daunting and overwhelming task for many students. The need to stand out among thousands of applicants, craft a compelling essay, and navigate the complexities of the admissions process can leave even the most accomplished students feeling lost.

That’s where New Bridge Educational Consulting comes in. Our dedicated team of consultants, counselors, writers, artists, teachers, and higher education experts work collaboratively to guide students through every step of the college application process. Led by experienced educational consultant Stephanie Bartling, we are committed to helping students discover their passions, present their best selves, and succeed in the admissions process and beyond.

Our Team: Committed, Creative, Understanding, Collaborative, Knowledgeable, Trusted, and Forward-Looking

At New Bridge Educational Consulting, we believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. Our diverse team brings together individuals with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds in education and admissions. From former admissions officers to published authors, we leverage our collective knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive guidance to our students.

Our consultants and counselors are committed to understanding each student’s unique strengths, interests, and goals. We take the time to get to know our students, helping them uncover their passions and develop a personalized roadmap for success. Whether it’s choosing the right colleges to apply to, crafting a standout essay, or preparing for interviews, our team is there every step of the way.

New Bridge Essay Review: Precise and Individualized Feedback on Style and Content

One of the cornerstones of a strong college application is a compelling essay. It’s the opportunity for students to showcase their personality, experiences, and voice. However, crafting an essay that stands out can be challenging.

That’s where our comprehensive essay review service comes in. We have partnered with professional reviewers Linda Lowen and Stephanie Bartling to provide precise and individualized feedback on style, clarity, and storyline. With their extensive experience in writing and admissions, they offer valuable insights to help students strengthen their essays and make a lasting impression on admissions officers.

Our essay review process is highly personalized. Students receive detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement, allowing them to refine their essays until they are polished and impactful. Our reviewers take the time to understand each student’s unique voice and help them unleash their full potential in their writing.

Benefits of Working with Harry Bauld: Learning from a Professional Writer and Admissions Expert

As part of our essay coaching process, we are proud to collaborate with renowned author Harry Bauld. With over 30 years of experience and the author of the acclaimed book “On Writing the College Application Essay,” Harry brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our students.

Working with Harry Bauld provides students with a unique opportunity to learn from a true expert in the field. Harry’s insights into the college admissions process and his deep understanding of what admissions officers are looking for in an essay are invaluable. Through personalized coaching sessions, Harry guides students in developing their essay topics, refining their writing style, and crafting essays that captivate and engage the reader.

With Harry Bauld by their side, students gain a competitive edge in the admissions process. They learn how to effectively communicate their stories, showcase their strengths, and position themselves as standout candidates for their dream colleges.

Important Facts and Statistics about New Bridge Educational Consulting

  • Founded in 2005, New Bridge Educational Consulting has been guiding students through the college application process for over 15 years.
  • Our team of experts has helped thousands of students successfully navigate the admissions process and secure acceptances to top-tier colleges and universities.
  • New Bridge consultants have a deep understanding of the college admissions landscape and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the field.
  • We are proud to have a 95% success rate in helping students gain admission to their top-choice schools.
  • New Bridge Educational Consulting offers a range of services, including college consulting, essay review, interview preparation, and guidance on extracurricular activities and course selection.

How can New Bridge Educational Consulting help me in the college application process?

New Bridge Educational Consulting provides comprehensive guidance throughout the college application process. Our team of experts helps students discover their passions, choose the right colleges, craft compelling essays, and prepare for interviews. We are dedicated to ensuring that students submit their best applications and position themselves for success in college admissions.

What makes New Bridge Essay Review unique?

New Bridge Essay Review offers precise and individualized feedback on style and content. Our professional reviewers, Linda Lowen and Stephanie Bartling, provide detailed feedback to help students strengthen their essays and make a lasting impression on admissions officers. With their expertise and guidance, students can refine their writing until it is polished and impactful.

What sets Harry Bauld apart as an essay coach?

Harry Bauld, renowned author and admissions expert, brings unique insights and expertise to the essay coaching process. With over 30 years of experience, Harry guides students in developing their essay topics, refining their writing style, and crafting essays that captivate the reader. Working with Harry provides students with a competitive edge in the admissions process.

“All the world is not a stage; it’s an audience, and it dearly loves a story.” – Harry Bauld, On Writing the College Application Essay

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