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HHonors program effectiveness has grown from 34% in 2002 to 40% now. Trash all over the dressers, the floor, and virtually everywhere but the garbage can. You might not believe it, but guests have a tendency to leave their rooms an absolute mess when they leave their hotels

euro. The temples of Cambodia are famous for their exceptional sculpture and this makes the town even more special. to 514. to 60

You can either get this information from the hotel website or from the official website of the country. For business or pleasure the Homewood suites by Hilton hotels are designed with all the comforts of home in mind. The trick is for you book your accommodations ahead of time to get the best hotel that you deserve even on a peak season. Paris is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotels and source of an estimated $300 million family fortune

If you are looking out for special packages for ladies, you can find them and these packages cater to those who want to experience sport, biking and many other sport pursuits. How do condo hotels differ from owning a traditional single family house or condominium? Consumers who purchase a traditional condominium pay property taxes, insurance and maintenance fees, but typically dont have access to hotel-type amenities. Customers who book Thailand hotels from the same group of hotels at different locations get good discounts

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