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Anxiety can cause multiple issues in your daily life and health. One of the many health issues that anxiety can trigger is heart problems and high blood pressure. If you’re hesitant to start a medication to help with anxiety, there are many natural ways you can ease the feeling of anxiety in your life. One method that we love, here at New Leaf Counseling, is journaling. This form of processing has helped many people and gets to the root of the problem. Here is how you can create and use an anxiety journal to naturally reduce your anxiety, attacks, and related health issues caused by anxiety.


How to Use an Anxiety Journal 


Anxiety manifests itself in many different ways, but for most, when we experience anxiety, we usually feel a rush of emotions all at once. Our thoughts and emotions can feel fast-paced and can be overwhelming if there is no outlet.

Some people find that the manic nature of anxiety and thoughts can be worse than the actual onset of anxiety itself. 

For this reason, an anxiety journal is a place to get all of your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. There is no real set-up of an anxiety journal. The only thing that is usually part of the anxiety journal is a reflective area to go back and write your thoughts on after you are calmed down. When your mind is clear, it is easier to see the issues that may have lead to your anxiety in the first place. 

You can use an anxiety journal anytime you feel an anxiety attack coming on or find yourself in the middle of an anxious feeling. It is there for you in a way that allows you to rant when you need it and get the thoughts out as you need. 


How an Anxiety Journal Helps You


An anxiety journal helps you in several ways by giving you an outlet for the thoughts you are having. It also allows you to see your thoughts and identify if there are any repeating thoughts or connections that could be making anxiety worse.


It is an outlet, a reflective journal, and a devotional journal in many ways.


Using an anxiety journal is not the cure-all for your anxiety problems, but it can help drastically. Keep in mind; it is a two-fold system. It works to help you reduce your anxiety the moment it occurs, and it gives you a place to reflect on the issue that triggered the anxiety in the first place. If you use it regularly to reduce anxiety and reflect on it, you will see a shift in the way you process anxiety.


How to Make and Use a Stress Relief Journal


Stress and anxiety are often confused as the same. While stress can lead to multiple health issues like anxiety, it is usually the onset of anxiety. If you feel stressed and try to ignore it, anxiety or depression could be the next thing you experience. Relieving stress may not seem easy, but once you can figure what is triggering your stress, it can become far more manageable- this is where a stress journal can help. We’ve incorporated some ways to make a stress relief journal and put it to use in your daily life to reduce your stress naturally.

A stress relief journal can be set-up in several different ways, but there is one way that seems to work well for most people, and that is by using a mix of visual aids, journaling, and routine reflection. You do not need dates for this type of journal. You simply write in it as you need to and as you feel any stress issue coming on. Use visuals that represent your mood; these can be pictures, smiley faces, or emoticons if you are using a virtual option for your journal. After expressing your mood for the moment, you can begin to journal what is causing that mood and the stress that you are experiencing. 

If you have a moment that is triggering or if you find yourself very stressed and lost at how to eliminate that stress, then you should use the journal. 

Ideally, through routine, you’ll be able to identify root issues with stress and why they are happening.

You can even reflect on why you are experiencing this stress and if there is a deeper issue that may require more focus. 


How the Stress Relief Journal Helps You


The stress relief journal helps you by guiding you to the root issue of your problem. Like most journals of this type, reflection on your entries is critical, but so is being able to share about the stress you are experiencing honestly.


Through this practice, true statements of how you feel will come out, and by reflecting on those later, you may be able to identify something about yourself and your stress that you did not see before.


The key point of using a stress relief journal is in the review of the journal itself. Keeping a routine journal is the first step, but going back and reviewing your journal entries will help you identify what is causing the stress. You can then take the necessary steps you need to slowly remove any triggers to help reduce your stress and live a happier life.


We hope you found this post helpful on how journaling can help with anxiety and stress.


Happy journaling!

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