Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

To the public, many of the world’s most successful people are considered to be overnight successes.

However, behind the public eye, many of these people had to go
through and overcome lots of challenges in order to achieve the success
they are known for.

They have to persevere through hardships and work extra hard for years before hitting it big.

The story of Colonel Sanders is a great example of the kind of life
many successful people go through before the money and the fame starts
pouring in.

Today, almost everyone all over the world knows Colonel Sanders, the
jolly and serene guy who founded popular restaurant chain KFC.

In fact, at one point, Colonel Sanders, in his signature white suit,
starched white shirt and black tie, was even ranked as the second most
recognizable celebrity in the world.

However, many do not know his inspiring story and how he founded the now global restaurant chain that boasts over 20,000 outlets in 123 countries.

Watch this video to learn more about this.

colonel sanders life story

By cenrix

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