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Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life

This sacred geometry work encompasses an extraordinary range of enlightening subjects connected with sacred geometry and the flower of life.

Incorporating the thoughts of scientists and philosophers and magicians, it offers a new look at the esoteric tradition of the significance of the fundamental forms to developing the collective intellect and character.

Beautifully illustrated, every single section is beautifully crafted, and an initial check out only enjoying the artistry and diagrams will likely already intrigue with far-reaching foundation ideas. There is very little complex maths involved at all, and a secondary school level of understanding is all that is necessary to understand the profound insights into the structure of the universe that are rendered easily within reach within this small book.

The book commences with some history, and foundation ideas like clarity and the significance of curves and lines. It then clarifies the ideas of Buckminster Fuller in relation to the precedence of trigonal patterns to comprehending energy patterns of systems of all types. From there the topics explored are as varied as geography, society, artistry, technology, well being, psychology, mythology, higher dimensional space, and a whole lot more.

At the web page you can browse through the complete book online as it is beautifully presented in a virtual flip book form. If you would prefer to literally hold the book in your hands then it is very affordably priced at $24 including global shipping and handling.

During the course of the composing of this booklet the author has indeed asked himself several times as to what he absolutely believes about Sacred Geometry, and how it can be a force for good in this progressively more distressed world. What he imagined in his dreams, is that Sacred Geometry could become the proverbial biggest thing since rock ‘n’ roll. That humanity might just discover in it a secret to speeding up the maturation of the human spirit and soul.

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